Trip to London November 28 and 29th November

I have asked that EF send us all on a trip to London to see this:

They may say 'no' as it could be one trip too many BUT the exhibition is also on Saturday so you could go on your own. Ideally I'd like us to go on both days...


If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur aiming to start or expand a business, then there’s only one date for your diary this November: Business Start-Up 2008. We’ve been at this for nearly a decade now, every year bringing the cream of the entrepreneurial crop together under one roof. Business Start-Up is the UK’s biggest and most vibrant exhibition for those starting or expanding in the world of business. And we’re here to help, because we know what a big, bad place it can be.

There is something for everyone, whether you’re simply playing with the idea of starting a business or are half-way through expanding. Either way, come and take full advantage of everything our 200 experienced and innovative exhibitors have to offer, including advice on everything from book-keeping and finances to websites and marketing.

Also, hear first-hand from the entrepreneurs who have already been through the starting and expanding process. Learn about the secrets, shortcuts, successes and pitfalls of business from our live speakers, including James ‘Dragons’ Den’ Caan, David Gold and Caprice."

Get some tickets for Saturday - you really MUST go!

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