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Rat Mannikins. The rat mannikin is an animal training system that allows students, lab techs, and handlers to learn how to handle a rodent with safety and confidence. The system includes removable ears, tail and a supply of artificial blood. Sounds like props for a cheezy horror movie to me, but this business is making money. So can you.

Geese Police. This company will control your Canadian goose problem by using working Border Collies and other special techniques. Shoot, if this entrepreneur can have a successful business with a tag line like “Get the Flock Out!” then so can you.

Flatulence Deodorizer. Ate too many beans? This will make sure the rest of the world doesn’t find out. The other solution is to not eat beans, of course.

The Museum of Bad Art. Not only do they have two locations in Boston, but the book is flying off the shelves. We all like to see a train wreck, especially when someone else painted it. This entrepreneur is making cash, as we gawk at the “crash.”

Virtual Animal Skins. Summer jobs aren’t what they used to be. Gamers are becoming traders in the fantasy Web world of Entropia Universe, buying and selling virtual animal skins and weapons. Check out the article from the Wall Street Journal that reports on an 18 year old who has made $35K over the past four summers

playing games. If he can do it, so can you.

Square Watermelons. Big ol’ round watermelons don’t stack well on store shelves, let alone well in a refrigerator. So instead of living life sans-watermelons, Japanese entrepreneurs figured a way to make watermelons square. Now they are selling like hotcakes, err, uh, like watermelons. Why not bring this to your locale? There is even a DIY guide on line. If Japanese merchants can make money with square watermelons, so can you.

Chewy Jewelry. Tired of the young baby chewing on your necklace? Here’s the solution you have been waiting for—they are pretty and practical. How about inventing a pen and pencil set made for chewing?

Knife Throwing. The Great Throwdini (I love that name—you just can’t beat that cheesiness) performs on Broadway, at corporate events and weddings and has been on TV shows such as "Late Show with David Letterman" and ESPN's "Cold Pizza." He makes over $100K a year for his knife-related ventures. Clearly living his passion and making respectable cash. If The Great Throwdini can do it, so can you.

Video Game Training. People are paying good money to become more efficient at kicking back and kicking video game ass. If this entrepreneur can be successful in this business, no question, so can you.

Air Sickness Bags Posters. Can’t get enough of the air sickness bags? Want more? Now you can get posters of your favorites.

Bull Penis. Sure enough, there is a business that is successfully selling bull privates. And contrary to what you would think, he doesn’t have stiff competition. I know. I know. I just had to say it.

Make your passion, your interests into a business! If these people can have a successful business, surely you can too.

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