Liquid sculpture

Liquid Sculpture is a wonderful collection of high-speed photos of pouring and splashing liquids in motion. The pictures are really striking, especially the gimmick shots done with viscous creams and colored liquids.

What you see here and on his site are high-resolution images of liquids colliding with one another, captured with high-speed flash photography.

The artist creates his range of shapes by varying the speed, position, and size of the drops and controlling how they fall, along with the flash. Their simplicity and beauty are truly amazing.

Below is a sample of 5 stunning photos from a collection of 50 you’ll find at the link below. Be sure to click the link and check out the rest!

Swimming Pool, taken by Mikaylah Bowman

Swimming Pool

Polar Lights, taken by Arnar Valdimarsson

Polar Lights

Water and a Girl, taken by Bogna

Water and a Girl

Blessed Fog, taken by Regolare

Blessed Fog

Two Ways of Looking at a Fish, photographer unknown

Two Ways of Looking at a Fish
Sources:* Smashing Magazine April 28, 2008



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