Internet business in 30 days (Please note: Kirilll, Dean and Sairan!)

Even though June Yeap is just 18 years old, she is already a successful Internet entrepreneur. Born in the small town of Ipoh in Malaysia, she grew up with the urge to encounter the world by studying and exploring the world of business. She is a true Internet success story: a young woman who is making a difference with her energy and strong business ethics.

June began her online career with two niche web sites, and Her current project is, a unique membership site designed to help online entrepreneurs by offering substantial discounts on everyday business essentials - services, products, and even consulting.

June’s friends now call her "The Discount Queen," since she has managed to negotiate over a hundred different savings discounts, including free services and products and special offers on hosting, autoresponders, e-commerce tools, software, ebooks, and education. Many of the top Internet marketing "gurus" endorse June’s as one of the very best private membership sites available today.

June’s "Web Marketing Mini Digest" ezine is a must-have subscription for business people who would like to save time, money, and effort promoting their web business. June scours dozens of other newsletters every week to find hidden nuggets of gold. This is truly the "cream" of real-world advice from the top netpreneurs.

Though June is a busy entreprenuer, she loves to study, especially Biology, her favorite subject. One of her passions is the ballet, which June has studied and eagerly enjoys watching every chance she gets.

For those who claim to have "no time" to start a business, June Yeap sets a wonderful example. She manages three online businesses while a full-time student in a university preparatory program. Even though she only spends 2-3 hours a day working online, she makes the most of her time by promoting quality products, finding niches, and using methods that have been proven to work. It is easy to see why one of June’s favorite quotes is from Winston Churchill: "Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential."

Answer: By June Yeap

Day 1:

First, I would select my own niche. I would choose a topic which I’m interested in and have some knowledge in. Once I’ve decided on a few keyphrases related to my niche, I would go to Overture’s Search Term Suggestion Tool to see which one of the keywords/keyphrases is most searched.

I would also go to or download a copy of GoodKeywords to dig out some under-developed but profitable keywords.

Once I’ve decided on a keyphrase, I would create an ebook around this topic. My ebook would be a compilation of questions and answers. The title of my ebook would be something like this...

’77 Most Burning Questions You’ve Always Wanted To Ask About ..... - All Answered By World’s Top ... !’

Since I’m aiming at building a sizeble list of paying customers, I would use this ebook as a lead product and sell them on back-end affiliate products. Therefore, I would price my ebook at somewhere around $20 - $30.

Next, I would come up with a good, memorable domain name for my ebook. I would try to use a .com extension and keep it short and easy to remember. I would also try to use the keyphrase I’ve chosen earlier in my domain name.

Since I’ll be emailing to many top names to invite them to contribute answers to my ebook, I would want to send emails from my domain name instead of using a free email address like Hotmail or Yahoo. This will prove to them that I’m really serious about my ebook. People are reluctant to work with those who operate from a Hotmail or Yahoo address.

I would go to to register my domain name. I chose Dot Easy because it’s only $25 per domain and best of all, it comes with free, banners-free business hosting. There’s no need for me to pay separately for web hosting.

Day 2

First, I would go to and type in in the search box ’my keyword + forum’. This should return to me results of the top forums on my selected keyword. I would click on each of the link and take note of some of the frequently asked questions.

I would open a text file in NotePad, copy down the questions alongside with the answers, if provided by the forum visitors.
I would to repeat this hot-question-hunting process for the first 50 links.

Next, I would go to each of the site below and do the same hot-question-hunting process until I’ve collected or compiled enough questions for my ebook. I would try to aim for 50 - 100 questions.

Day 3

Today, I’m going to gather a list of possible contributors. I would actively search for people who are qualified enough to answer those questions which I’ve collected yesterday.

I achieve a few things by getting qualified experts to contribute to my ebook

  1. I save time since they’ll be doing most of the writing or content building
  2. I get to build up relationship with potential JV partners
  3. There’s a very big chance that if my ebook is very well done, they’ll recommend my ebook to their list of customers/subscribers. So, I do not have to actively look for new customers. I’ll have access to their huge lists.

To start searching for potential contributors, I would use I would type in my keywords and visit each of the top 50 - 100 sites listed.

When I’m at each of the sites, I would jot down in another text file these few things:

  • Their site name and URL
  • Their contact email/contact form URL
  • Owner’s first name (optional)
  • Anything that interests me the most on their web site (special features of their site)

Day 4

Today, I would compose an invitation email. In my email, I would briefly describe what my ebook is all about. I would put in bullets what they’re going to get from this joint venture - free publicity, a chance to position themselves as an expert, free exposure to their web site etc.

I would personalize my email with their name and mention that I visited their site. I would write about a few special things I notice about their site when I was visiting their site.

Once I’ve composed the email, I would send out my email to each of the contributors one by one. I would give my email a good subject line. Something like ’Hi Joe, June here.’ or ’Hi Joe, Joint Venture.’
I would give them a week to email me back with their contributions.

Day 5

Today, I would surf for possible earning possibilities. Since I would be promoting affiliate programs as back-end profits, I’ll select affiliate programs which pay reasonably well and have a good product.

First, I would go to a few affiliate directories like to search for affiliate programs related to my niche.

I would select only products which I’ll feel proud to promote. I would select 3 - 10 good ones and sign up for each of them. I would use a tool like RoboForm to help me with this. It stores my form details for me and fill them in for me automatically when I arrive at a form. It’s free and it saves time.

I would keep all of my affiliate links in a simple text file, and save it in my special folder.

By now, I should have got some responses from some of the interested contributors. I would promptly reply to thank them for agreeing to take part - and also update them with who’s participating.

Day 6

I would research for possible updates for my customers. Once a customer purchases from me, they’ll be sent several updates which are actually premium newsletters for customers only. They’ll contain some very good or special tips and links to useful resources.

These updates will be incorporated with my affiliate links in approriate places. Or, I would also send separate emails to them which promote my affiliate products.

I would use or to research for my customers free software, interesting sites, useful discussion lists/boards and also valuable free reports that will benefit them.

Once I’ve collected enough tips/updates, I would start composing a series of follow-up emails. I would use a follow-up sequence like this:

Day 1: A welcome email which contains download link and support email
Day 2: A welcome gift (free report, free article etc) to surprise them
Day 3: Free tips #1
Day 5: Ask for testimonial
Day 7: Free tips #2
Day 9: Recommend affiliate product
Day 11: Free tips #3
- ....
- ....
- ....

Sample Welcome Email You Can Use

Dear [firstname],

This is [your name] here from [your web site/product].

I just want to personally thank you for purchasing [your product]. It answers many of the burning questions you have about [your topic].

Here’s the download link if you haven’t downloaded your copy yet.

Click: [download link here]

If for any reasons you’re unable to download the ebook, don’t panic. Send an email to [your support email] and explain to me the problem - I’ll be glad to assist you immediately.

Enjoy the ebook and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Yours sincerely,
[your name]
[your email]
[your web site URL]

Sample Testimonial Request Email You Can Use

Dear [firstname],

My record shows that you ordered [your ebook] 5 days ago.

How do you like the ebook [firstname]?

Actually, my reason of writing this email is to offer you a [bonus gift]. It’s a [software, ebook, special report, private site] called [name] which [benefits].

[more description of your bonus gift - give value in dollars etc]

If you want it, all I ask is -- you write to me about your thoughts on [your ebook]

If any of the info in my ebook has helped you in your [niche], I would like to know about it.

So, go ahead and write to me.

[your email address]

I also welcome suggestions and comments from you.

Once I’ve got your feedback, I’ll send you the bonus gift.

Yours sincerely,
[your name]
[your email]
[your web site URL]

Day 7

Today, I would go to to sign up for an autoresponder and upload all the follow-up emails I’ve written into my autoresponder. is completely free and it does not place ads in your emails.

I would also sign up also another account for my email newsletter. I would run another newsletter which is free. For people who leave my site without buying my ebook, they’ll be offered a free subscription to my free newsletter. By doing this, I get to capture their email address and sell them on my ebook later.

I would go for using other people’s articles in my free newsletter and it will be published once a week.

I would also start writing a few starter issues today and save them as templates. I would try to restate the benefits of purchasing my ebook in the newsletter constantly.

Day 8

I would spend the whole day writing my sales letter. For my ebook, it’s quite easy. I just have to put in bullets all the questions that I have in my ebook and put a teaser for each question.

Before I begin writing my sales letter I would go to to read-up on how to write a good sales letter. Michael Fortin writes sizzling copy and I would gladly pick up some tips from this master copywriter!

Once I’ve got my sales letter done, I would put it aside and go back to it another day for further editing.

Day 9

Today, I would prepare a cover for your ebook. I would download a copy of Scott’s Box Shot Maker 2.0 This free software allows me to easily create an ebook cover - I can even add shading and shadows, which is pretty cool.

After I’ve created my own ebook cover, I would create a top banner graphics for my website. It’s going to be a matching graphics of my ebook cover. I would download a trial copy of RealDrawPro to help me with the creation of top banner graphics. I would make it as eye-catching as possible so that it catches the visitor’s attention immediately.

Day 10

I’ve created my top banner graphics and ebook cover, now it’s time to put together my main webpage!

It’s going to be a real simple one that consists of

  • my sales letter
  • my top banner graphics,
  • my ebook cover
  • A pop up box for inviting people to subscribe to your free newsletter

I would go to this free pop-up code generator to grab the code I need for creating a pop up. Remember I told you I would offer subscription to my free newsletter to those who leave my site without buying? So, obviously, I would be creating an exit pop up.

Once I’ve got the pop up code, I would paste it into my HTML document, add in my sales letter, top banner graphics and ebook cover. Voila, it’s done!

Okay, now I would upload all of my files to my web site. I just followed the instructions at and all went smoothly.

Day 11

Today is the deadline for my contributors to send in their answers. I’ve got a total of 71 contributors sending in their answers which is pretty great! Since it hasn’t reached my target number, which is 77, so I would write to a few of the contributors to remind them about the deadline.

I would gather all the answers and start writing my ebook. I would arrange the questions and answers in a format which is easy for reading.

Day 12

I would continue writing my ebook since there’re also contributors who’re sending in their answers today.

Once it’s done, I would compile my ebook using one of the free ebook compilers that I found at
I would double-check that my ebook works well - I would check each link in the ebook to make sure they’re linking to the right places.

Day 13

Today, I would send my finished ebook for my contributors for review. In my email, I would also ask them to give me a quick testimonial in exchange for a link to their site on my web site.

While waiting for the testimonials and feedback from the contributors, I would sign up with ClickBank. The reasons I chose ClickBank are it’s under $50 and I get to access to a database of active affiliates immediately. Plus, I don’t need to purchase a separate affiliate software for my affiliate program.

I have to wait a day or two for them to approve my account. So once I’ve finished signing up with ClickBank and sent them the neccesary documents, I would spend some time to tweak my sales copy a bit.
There’s still a little bit of time left, so I would work on creating a few solo ads for your product. Again, I would visit

Michael Fortin’s for tips on good online copywriting. I found some really good tips on writing result-producing solo ads.

Day 14

ClickBank approved my seller account today. So, I would log in to my Click Bank account and grab my order link. I would insert the order link into my webpage, finalize my webpages and upload the edited documents to my account at DotEasy.

After I’ve uploaded all of the neccesary files, I would type in your domain name and check-test your webpages. I would make sure that everything looks good - the pop up works, all of the links work and no graphics are missing.

I would also run a quick est-order to see make sure that the ordering process goes smoothly.

Everything is in place now and I just can’t wait to let the whole world know about my new ebook!

Day 15

There’re probably a thousand ways to promote my website, but I would start and concentrate with these 2 time-tested methods and move on to other methods later.

  • Joint Venture with your contributors
  • Forums and message boards

Remember on Day 3 I talked about how getting content contributions from those experts will help me gain access to their big list of customers/subscribers? Now, it’s time to put the relationship I’ve built up with them into work. First, I would write a polite email to each of the contributors inviting them to take part in my affiliate program. I would offer them 50% commission plus a ready-made solo ad.

To help my contributors to get better sales conversion rate, I would run a special contest where the first 50 customers will receive a special report or a special gift.

This is a win-win-win situation where I get to increase your sales, my partners get to get a bigger and fatter affiliate check and my customers can get a special gift for acting promptly.

Day 16

Today, I would spend my time answering some of the emails from my contributors and help them with their solo mailing. Smoe of them needed some help with their affiliate link. I would also give them a sample solo ad they can use.

Day 17

I would use forums or message boards to promote my new ebook. I would pick 10 Q & A from my ebook and put them into my message. At the end of my post, I would encourage them to click to my site for more questions and answers like those they’ve read.
I would go to the forums which I’ve collected questions from and post my message. I would give it a very good title so that it gets read.

Day 18

I couldn’t finish posting my message yesterday so I would also continue posting message at more related forums today.

Day 19

Today I would try a new method. I would pick 10 Q & A from my ebook, like how I did on Day 17 and put them into an ebook. I would give away this ebook for free, as a free excerpt for my full version. I would actively mention the full version in this free ebook so that I get to convert more sceptics to paying customers.

Day 20

Today I would submit my free ebook to the 2 top free downloads sites - which are and

My free ebook will be displayed as new downloads for a month or so which would provide me with a nice stream of extra traffic and great exposure. I would write a persuasive description and give it a good title so that it gets more downloads. After all, the more downloads that I get, the more customers I will get!

Well, there’re a few ideas running in my head on how I can make use of my free ebook but I would leave them for another day!

Day 21

Today, I would submit my free ebook to other ebook directories to make sure I get maximum exposure for my ebook. I would go to and search for ’free ebook directory’ and ’free ebook listing’.

Day 22

I’m beginning to see some good results with my contributors’ solo mailings. They’re recommending my ebook to their list of customers/subscribers and my site is converting well!

But I’m not satisfied at all. So, I would go to other search engines to find more potential JV partners. As usual, I would write to each of them a polite and personalized email and offer them a free copy of my full ebook for review purposes. Since I already have my free lite version ready, I would let them know that they can give it away to their customers or subscribers.

I would try searching for at least 40 potential JV partners.

Day 23

Most of those whom I’ve sent emails to yesterday responded positively to my offer - since I’m offering them so many free perks! So after answering their emails and providing the help they need, I would take the rest of the day off!

I begin to see some very nice increase of sales. That’s very great and I’m very excited! My customer list is growing fast and it has reached a decent number.

Day 24

Today, I would spend the whole day writing 2 - 3 articles related to my niche. I’m very confident that these articles will bring me more exposure and free quality traffic. Once I’ve done writing my articles, I would put them aside for editing tomorrow.

Day 25

Today, I would edit my articles. Once I’m done with it, I would format the articles nicely and post them to all the article directory I can find. At the end of my article, I would put a resource box which point the readers to my sales letter.

I would also look back at some of the ezines that I receive from other related sites and see if they’re acccepting article contributions from the readers. I would email to them my articles and suggest that they use them in their newsletter.

I would also give them a chance to replace the link to my site with their own affiliate link. I’m sure with this special incentive, they will be more willing to use my articles!

Day 26

Today, I would post my articles to various forums and message boards.

I would read the board rules carefully as usual to avoid any spam complaint. At the end of my post, I would put a link to my web site.

Day 27

Today, I would submit my affiliate program to various affiliate directory. As usual, I would use my favourite search engine to search for sites that accept new affiliate program submissions.

Day 28

Sales are pouring in after all the intensive promotion that I’ve done for the past week - and my customer list has grown from 50 to 500. That’s a very significant growth and I’m thrilled.

I would craft an email today to ask my customers to join my affiliate program. I would mention to them that I would share 50% of my profits with them. And I would also supply them with some short ads, solo ads and also signature lines they can use.

I would also put up a contest for my customers to encourage them to actively promote my ebook. The one that makes the most sales will get a $100 bonus on top of their huge commission check.

Day 29

Wow - my customers are definitely a responsive and supportive lot! They’re responding positively to my affiliate contest. Many of them who own a large web site or a mail list has agreed to help me get the words out about my ebook. After all, they bought my ebook and know how good it is.

Some of them even told me they’ll be writing their own review. Few of them actually provided me with testimonials I can add to my site.
I’m very excited today to say the least.

Day 30

Today, I would spend the whole day to draw up an on-going battle plan for my web business.

Now, I already own an active customer database and in order to make the maximum profits from it, I must nurtue it and take good care of it. Therefore, I’ll be constantly researching for new content to surprise my customers. I’ll try to provide as much value to my customers to woo their trust. I’ll also run a few surveys from time to time to identify their problems and develop new complimentary products to solve their problems.

Money is not a problem now so I’ll also look into several promotion methods that require money investment. For example, pay per click advertising, paying for solo ads and so on.

I believe with a good marketing plan and a passion to run my web biz, I’ll be able to generate a greater flow of cash soon.

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