In case you were wondering why I am trying to teach you this way

There is a writer called Ian Jukes. He wrote: Rethinking Education in the New Digital Landscape

The argument put forward by Ian Jukes is that, the education system is not keeping up with the dramatic changes the world is experiencing, in terms of the digital landscape.

Educators and politicians are glossing over this, through positive reports on:

  • Test scores
  • Attendance
  • Innovative initiative
  • Special programs

But when it comes to the crunch after 16 years or so of education, students cannot perform in the economic world, because of a dependency culture created by the education system on:

  • Textbooks
  • Test
  • Teachers – on how and what to do

The way kids think, behave, communicate and interact with each other through:

  • Internet
  • Computer games
  • Face Book
  • Social networking

Are changing the way they learn.

With a focus on accountability, school are becoming less relevant and interesting for student, to reverse this and bring the curriculum into the 21st century there must be:

  • High level thinking skills, through critical thinking, problem solving
  • Teacher must embrace the digital world themselves
  • Modify what and how teaching takes place and how to access learning
  • Broaden evaluation
  • Make learning relevant to the outside world

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