Improve your Memory!

These tools help you remember people's names more effectively, improve your recall of information in exams, increase the speed with which you can learn vocabulary, and help you in situations where you need to remember detailed, structured information.

This section is split into three parts: first of all, the introduction explains the principles behind the use of memory techniques (also called "mnemonics").

We then discuss a range of individual tools that you can use to remember information. Finally we discuss how to use the skills in practice to remember peoples names, foreign language words, and information for exams.

Enjoy using the tools!

Remembering a Simple List - The Link Method and Story Method
Remembering Ordered Lists - The Number/Rhyme Mnemonic

Remembering Ordered Lists - The Number/Shape Mnemonic

Remembering Middle Length Lists - The Alphabet Technique

Remembering Long Lists - The Journey System

Remembering Grouped Information - The Roman Room System

Remembering Very Long Numbers - The Major System
Using Concept Maps to Remember Structured Information
Memory Games - Have fun while you improve your memory
How to... Learn a Foreign Language
How to... Remember Information for Exams
How to... Remember People's Names
How to... Remember Lists and Long Numbers

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