Homework - Business Studies

In your blog consider:

1. "Add an 'I'm NOT Feeling Lucky' button to Google that would automatically take users to a random webpage that would NOT be the topmost return for their query. This option would complement the 'I'm Feeling Lucky' button, giving the search process a creative twist." - would this be popular? Would this increase Google's revenue?

2. "Introduce mugs and cups with special sensors that would give a voice alert like 'This is your third coffee today', 'Your coffee is getting cold', 'I am empty; refill me if you want', and so on." - would these sell well at Christmas?

3. "Insist that, instead of giving extra money to people to help pay for fuel bills, the UK Government gives everyone a voucher with which they could purchase a good quality sweater/pullover or blanket. This would encourage people to think about putting their central heating on - thus reducing the size of fuel bills and carbon footprints alike." - would this work/be popular?

4. Is this a product extension strategy: "Make all car windshields out of photochromic glass that darkens to a moderate sunglass tint when exposed to sunlight. This innovation would improve driver comfort and safety, especially when traveling into the blinding glare of a rising or setting sun."

5. "Create a website where people could submit tunes or songs native to their country/culture that are unlikely to have been heard by people around the world. The site would be easy to use, allowing people of any age to easily grasp the concept of uploading content or even recording it directly using the website" Is this a viable business idea?

6. "Produce CDs that sit in the CD player of rental cars so that, when a new driver gets in, the CD can tell them about the car, the local area, driving laws, etc. It could also feature advertising for local businesses." Would you invest in this product idea?

7. "Invent easily biodegradable cigarette filters and then ensure all manufacturers adopt them. This innovation would help prevent the unsightly accumulation of tossed butts that litter front yards, streets, and sidewalks outside of bars." Would this establish product differentiation and thus increase sales?

8. "Develop exercise machines that integrate with an entertainment computer system of video and audio so that a person's immediate exercise performance directly impacts the game or scenario. Participants might, for example, 'rescue a dog trapped in a burning building' (stairmaster), 'escape from deadly assassins on motorbikes' (bicycle machine), 'flee through the park, chased by an escaped tiger' (treadmill)." Would you invest in this product?

9. "Design a rotary washing line where the line itself would, rather than running in concentric circles or in a gently diminishing spiral, be strung at an acute angle between each pair of radiating arms. When fully laden the laundry would act like the sails on a windmill, generating power as the arms of the washing line rotate about the vertical-axis of the central supporting pole." Would you invest in this product?

10. "Sell a range of soap bars that float so they don't get lost in the bath. One obvious way of making floaty soap - other than choosing ingredients that are less dense than water - is to add air bubbles to each bar during the manufacturing process." Would this sell well?

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