Having had a discussion with Bibi, I'd like to further extend your overall education.

First would someone make sure that DAVID and DIMA return my books!!!!!!!!

I have some resources that I think would be extremely interesting to:

a. 1-2 students interested in business.

b. 1-2 students interested in Philosophy

I am prepared to lend them on the usual conditions (which David has ignored of course)

That they spread their knowledge through blog entries and that they actually learn from the experience. Plus return the resources.

I am disappointed that Mary did not write anything about the Millionaire disks - IF she listened to them she could at least have passed on what she heard.

So, 4 names please...

Whoever the business students are MUST also give a series of seminars from what they learn and also write a lot in their blogs. They MUST do this - it is a condition of the exercise.

For the philosophy, summaries will do.

On a different note it is extremely disappointing that so few - in fact none - seem to want to take responsibility for your education. I told you to contact universities. I told you to match their requirements with what the reports said about certain subjects.

You didn't so on your head be it...


  1. Mr. Chris I'm interested in business. Sairan

  2. I am interested in business!!

    Mr. Chris!!!

    Let me borrow the millionaire CDs Please!!

  3. I'm interested in Philosophy

  4. I am interested in philosophy.. very much=)


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