ELEVEN HOURS LEFT - who will the losers be?

The losers will be those who do not take advantage of this unique opportunity. A total of 32 books can be done with a further 10 without very much extra effort.

On the way you'll become experts in the technique of passing examinations, experts in the subject matter in terms of pitching it at the right level, will have laid the foundations for something that may well be very profitable - and learnt a lot along the way.

The losers will look like the people on the left....

Of course if only 2-3 people are involved and they're serious and 2 are Russian speaking and one Chinese then it will probably all work very well...

The following advertisement has been booked to appear in www.Dailyinformation.co.uk tomorrow:

Some translation work - Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean (suit student)

Several people have now emailed in. So There are now Vietnamese, Chinese and Russian translators standing by if you don't go ahead!

Like I said, you have 11 hours left...I first told you about all this 18 days ago and nothing's happened. The market doesn't wait.

The first step is to form the business otherwise the whole thing will fall apart. Without that foundation nothing will happen.

Schools often place huge orders just before Xmas as they want material to give to pupils to read over the break - plus they want material to hand out to help pupils prepare for exams.


  1. I want to do it....Or at least try do it

  2. The instructions were all in the email - I have wasted 18 days trying to convince people. If I'd started 18 days ago everything would have been done and the money would have started to come in by now.

  3. Chris...Ive received the email but i thought we have to allocate them... or can i just start to do it?...

    and i dont know how to work the puzzle...

  4. I sent him the file.

    OKOKOKOK I'll give you all until Tuesday lunchtime to send me the Administration document (from which all the other documents follow.)

    Then that's it.

  5. I will do it! But dunno who are doing those things for sure!

  6. How can we do that if we haven't met each other...IF we connect each other by e-mail,maybe some of us will do the same......

  7. I thought you all went to the same school? Maybe not - which school do you go to?


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