Two Questions Asked About the Credit Crunch

A pupil of mine asked two questions about the Credit Crunch. She didn't ask me - I am too busy with you lot at EF!

She asked Economics Help

I thought the answers given were particularly good and therefore I am using this posting to praise Tejvan Richard Pettinger. Please visit his site and look around - there is much there that is of interest.

You might also like to look at the two questions - could you have answered them?

The questions are shown below:

The government puts a lot of money into banks who over-lent funds. So why are the banks still lending out money for mortgages?


The problem has been the number of defaulters. But for Building Societies there is less than 0.001% of 1% defaulters (Saturday’s Guardian) - where ARE all these houses being repossessed?

Think about the answers given...


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