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have been asked by so many people for more information on the Christopher Howard event in November where I am speaking along with 6 other business growth experts that I wanted to send details and a special invite to people who have been to one of our events.

As a thank you for investing your time with us I am sending a special invite for you and a partner to attend the Ultimate Business Seminar in London. . . Here are the details…

From November 21st-23rd I will be one of the presenters at The Ultimate Business Seminar, with Christopher Howard,along with 6 of the world’s leading experts on business growth and success. These tickets are valued at £995 each,
that’s a value of £1,990 for the two!

I am so excited about these tickets because I know the content from all of the speakers will be of such great value to you, that I have organised complimentary tickets for everyone who has shown a desire to learn more about business . . .
So your two tickets are absolutely FREE! until my 100 seat allocation has run out.

Here is the link, enrol now and find me on the day . . . I look forward to seeing you there.

The Ultimate Business Seminar is different from most events I speak at. Why? Because most business related seminars usually have a core focus on one key business area. It could be the Internet… small business marketing… how to protect your assets… or even advertising.

And events such as those have their place… if… you want to deepen your knowledge in that specific area.

However, speak to any highly successful millionaire or billionaire and they will tell you one of their essential secrets is having a diverse,cross section of knowledge in ALL areas of business. And they never stop learning!

When you attend The Ultimate Business Seminar you’ll get a practical, real world education you can immediately put to profitable usein virtually every area of business. For example you will learn how to:

* Use the internet to give up your day job forever and have an online
business running on virtual auto-pilot

* Create massive passive income – even if you have zero now

* Manage your cash flow especially when credit is tight

* Network your way to business success

* Secrets to winning more leads and customers at a lower cost

* Turn a website into a cash generating machine

* What you need to know about franchising and the pitfalls to avoid

* The importance of systems for fast growth and how to implement these

* The A B Cs of marketing a small business when credit is tight

* And so much more.

Seats are available strictly on a first come, first served basis. I have 100 seats that have been assigned to me for my valued clients.

The venue has the capacity of 500 seats so once it is full you won’t be able to get in at any price. Christopher Howard Events have informed me they have a total of 200 seats remaining so take action now and enrol with my GIFT to you.

Seize this opportunity and learn how great fortunes are made in times of recession and how you can profit from the downturn. Click here to enrol and attend :

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