AS entries January 2009 (Economics)

I have to decide who to suggest is entered for the AS Unit 1 module in January 2009. I am only concerned about people in my class i.e.:

  • Lex
  • Long
  • Mary
  • Aidana
  • Anastasia
  • Bibbbbbi
  • Rinat
  • David
I only want people to enter if they have a reasonable chance of passing at a high(ish) grade i.e. A or B. (Remember you can retake)

To stand such a chance your English must be good.

Also you must have been doing regular homework such as:

  • blog
  • mind maps
  • questions for class
  • and scoring highly in multiple choice
  • and regularly reading the newspaper
  • and doing extra work, taking notes, summaries etc
Obviously that is not everyone.

To help you, I have sent round, as files, the remaining chapters for AS module 1. By now you should know all the syllabus EXCEPT market failure. Remember, in class we are going at the pace of the slowest because I do NOT want anyone to be left behind.

Having said that, the 'slower' people should be working hard, writing blogs etc to improve a) their English and b) their Economic knowledge.

It is unlikely that in class we will start Unit 2.


We have already done a lot of unit 2 in the first two weeks of term. So, because of that - and to encourage you - I am going to send round the files for Unit 2 as well. I want you to read them as soon as possible and see if you understand them.

We have about a week before exam entries have to be made. Is it reasonable to expect you to read 198 pages in 10 days?

I think so - when a lot of the pges are tables or diagrams. (Remember, I am only asking you to READ the chapters, not learn them...yet.)

If you can convince me you stand a good chance of passing well in January then I will push for you to be entered for BOTH the AS modules in January 2009. Then again, of course, in June 2009. (This will greatly increase your chances of a very high grade A)

So, how can I be convinced?

Two ways:

a. by work on the chapters
b. by marks in a test

Therefore I am giving you homework for the next 10 days (in addition to all the other stuff - because, after all, this is all the same thing) to make mind maps on the 28 chapters in unit 2. That's about 3 mind maps a day - and, of course, post them to your blog.

Remember, you will recognise a lot of what is in Unit 2 - we covered most of it in the first two weeks of term.

Think of it as a challenge.

IF you can do this then the chances are high that you will know everything for Unit 1 by the end of term and a lot of Unit 2. You will have four weeks holiday and during that time (because you will have been prepared so thoroughly) you will just have to revise all the notes you have.

That's easily enough time.

So, see if you can do it BUT do NOT get depressed etc etc. Do not lose weight. Do NOT go without sleep. Do NOT go without food. Do NOT let your other subjects suffer.

See if you can do it - as always, it all comes down to p-l-a-n-n-i-n-g.

The second way of assessment is through testing.

In ten days time I will be giving you a DIFFICULT AS Unit 1 test to see if you stand a chance of passing.

I will then make my recommendations for Units 1 AND 2 in January 2009.


  1. I'll do my first three mind maps this evening then.

  2. Mr.Chris...Our homeork is mind maps isn't it,and the topic is the mail that you send to it right???

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